C++ Lambda Expressions

In C++, typically functions are defined and called by name. They are associated with an object, or not, but regardless they are named: print_tables(), object.get_items(). With lambda functions or lambda expressions, you now have the option for anonymous functions … that is, a

Ghidra – Part 1

The NSA has graciously released their long-awaited reverse engineering framework. Called Ghidra, this software reverse engineering suite comes complete with installation and support documentation, a quick-start guide, and multiple decompilers (including x86-64). This is a game changer. Better yet, since Ghidra is open

The C++ Programming Language – Part 11

This post will be mostly for personal reference as I go through Bjarne Stroustrop’s “The C++ Programming Language” 4th edition textbook. Some of the notes will appear random. Chapter 10 – Expressions (Continued) The implicit conversions that preserve values are called promotions.